Coldplay - Ghost Stories Special: Clocks (3/12)

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hello! ive been in coldplay for a long time but im still confused what does the fan called themselves? coldplayers or coldplaying or any other names?

Hello! We go with “coldplayers” :)

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Color Palettes + Ghost Stories Music Videos

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make me choose ➞ cinnaful asked: Coldplay or Bastille

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Happy Birthday Jonny!!

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im confused, what are you gettin cast in?

so, as some of you may know, behind Coldplay & The Office, I have a very strong passion for musicals/Broadway. I just love it :)

I saw that there was an audition going around for a “Tumblr Cast Recording” of the musical Les Mis (if you don’t know it, go listen, it’s amazing). I just love singing and I had played Cosette before (one of the characters), so I auditioned.

one of the people in charge of casting emailed me back and told me how much he had enjoyed my audition song! I was so honored. So yes, I am hoping that I get cast as Cosette in this version of Les Mis *fingers crossed*

here’s my audition song if you’re interested [link here]

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Chris Martin giving his love button to the crowd at the end of the Glasgow gig

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Coldplay; true love behind the scenes

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If you had to cast Les Mis strictly from tumblr people who would you cast in each role?


For an onstage production, something like this:

if I actually got the role…

I would die of happiness :D

What recording is this sara barnett song from? I'd love to hear more of her cosette!


Its a secret recording I have, sadly its the only piece available. Isn’t she amazing???

hey there! this is Sara :) You can visit my sound cloud for more, but it’s more pop/folk than musicals :)


Happy 1st Anniversary Atlas!
Released: September 6, 2014

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a sky full of stars → original vs alternate

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