I had an awesome plan to visit the 2 record stores within a half mile of my dorm…

but I am sad that the Midnight 7-in won’t be here in the US in time for Record Store Day! It’s a tradition!

Good luck to everyone looking for the vinyl tomorrow!

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make me choose:

anonymous asked: bastille or coldplay (+ favourite songs)

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Anonymous: "So how much do you think will tickets cost?"

I’m not sure! Anyone bought tickets for the first show and know any details about prices?

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Anonymous: "Do you think they will allow cellphones and that stuff on their concert?"

Good question! It depends I guess. I would be surprised if they did not allow them, just at least for the concerts before the album drops

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Anonymous: "Soo does that mean hardly any tickets, really expensive and hard to get?"

Probably all three.

However, Coldplay did state that “Ticket information for the remaining five shows will be emailed exclusively to subscribers to the Coldplay mailing list “ 

So that’s a good sign, but I’m not sure how effective that may be in turning away ticket scalpers. 

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Anonymous: "Are intimate shows the same as concerts? Or is it more low key"

I mean, yes, they are concerts – but they are at a much smaller venue in front of a much smaller crowd. So it’s a bit more personal between the audience and the band. 

Basically dying to go to one of these. Sadly, NYC & LA are just too far for me! Let’s hope they announce some more dates in between those that they’ve already scheduled! 

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okay Coldplay there are quite a few open dates in between all those shows, you should start filling those dates up


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Coldplay announces 6 intimate tour dates! [x]
Cologne, NYC, LA, Paris, Tokyo, & London

Magic (Behind The Scenes)

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Coldplay – Magic (Behind the Scenes)