Coldplay’s O/Ghost Stories concept art

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Chris Martin noticing a fan during Yellow +

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Chris Martin @ the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show on August 7

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Happy birthday ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’! (Released on August 26, 2002)

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The last time I made a follow forever was in 2012, so this is follow forever 2.0 *ooo so fancy wow* also since 2012 nearly half the blogs on there deactivated which is very heart breaking, and some changed their urls which is hella confusing.

even if we don’t talk/ you don’t follow me back I fucking love your blogs and reblog so you should feel special for being on here ok 

(also excuse the shitty graphic)

ok so yea~


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If i talk to you and stuff and forgot to add your name on this please pleassseee let me know cause i might have ok. 

And yeah thanks for being awesome people with awesome blogs 

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I just got 'Parachutes'! Only one more to go: 'A Rush of Blood to the Head'. Saving the best for last I guess

heck yeah! can’t go wrong with both of those (or any Coldplay album really!)

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seriously praying they do the Super Bowl. would be 200x better than katy perry or carrie underwood, who is also heavily thought to be doing it.

it would be amazing if Coldplay did — but I don’t think the NFL is giving them a very good deal on it…something along the lines of they want the artist who plays the halftime to make a donation to the NFL? or just pay money in general to them. I’m really not sure, but I think the chances of Coldplay doing it are slim. still hoping though!

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1/? favorite pictures of Chris Martin

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I think that the video on the TV's look 100000 better that the second one :\ more like colorfull and happy

yeah, it’s hard to tell from the very little section we got to see, but it’s sad that they didn’t like it :P It almost looked like some of the promotional commercials they did with Apple for Viva la Vida. 

I would love to see the first version of A Sky Full of Stars, but I don’t think we will :((

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Chris “puppy” Martin during true love

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Coldplay - Ghost Stories (Music Videos)

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