Well, for you anons who asked…here’s a photo of me before the concert! Please excuse my crazy face, hat, and makeup. I put lots a cool neon eye shadow on! Hahaha. The coolest thing about this photo is the piano from the C-stage in the back!

And for you people who love to anon hate - yes, I know I’m ugly and gross. Hahaha, you don’t have to remind me ;)

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    idk what you’re talking about you’re pretty :)
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  4. lyingunderneaththestormyskies said: You’re neither ugly nor gross, only adorable! Love the pic. You must’ve had an amazing time! So happy you got to see the epicness that is Coldplay! Anons are spineless wussy’s that hate their own pathetic lives. Coldplay on!
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  9. mareep said: Aw Sara, you look lovely :)
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  11. gonnalivethedream said: You’re not ugly, you look really cute. Screw those anons.
  12. death-and-allofhisfriends said: OMG I SAW YOU FROM WAY UP HIGH IN MY SECTION !!! My friend pointed out your hat! I love it!!